Diesel Scrubbing/Fuel Maintenance

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Steps 1-6

Diesel Scrubbing & Fuel Maintenance

Our 8-step preventive maintenance program provides customers complete peace of mind when it comes to their fuel quality.

Our program starts with completely cleaning and sterilizing the fuel and fuel tank, filtering the fuel to 5 microns, and adding a fuel treatment to increase cetane and lubricity of the fuel. Every quarter we monitor the fuel and fuel tanks to ensure they are in good condition. We back up our work with our unparalleled Warranty and Guarantee. If fuel gets dirty again for any reason whatsoever within 180 days of the initial cleaning, we will clean it again at no charge.

Step 1- Sterilize: Fuel is treated with EPA registered micro-biocide to kill all microbial growth in the fuel, fuel water interface, and fuel tank.

Step 2- Clean: Fuel and fuel tanks are cleaned to remove all water, contaminates, bacteria, and fungi from the fuel. Fuel is circulated in a manner to wash the walls of the fuel tanks. Demulsifiers are used to remove water from the fuel.

Step 3- Filter: Fuel is filtered through oil/water separators and fuel filters to purify the fuel. This filtering process removes all water and contaminates to a particulate size of 10 microns or smaller.

Step 4- Polish: Fuel is polished through a twin pack filter assembly with a Beta Rating of 5 micron, meeting all new Tier 4 Final specification.

Step 5- Treat: Polished fuel is treated with a diesel fuel treatment that contains: lubricity agents, cetane improvers, oxygen scavengers, corrosion inhibitors, and stabilizers.

Step 6- Analyze: A fuel sample is taken after the tank cleaning and a visual analysis will ensure fuel is clean and ready for use. (Independent Laboratory Analysis are available for documentation of clean fuel and NFPA 110 specification.)

Step 7- Monitor: Free fuel samples are available every 180 days for a visual analysis with written reports for the maintenance department or upper management.

Step 8- Warranty and Guarantee: We guarantee clean fuel and clean fuel tanks, free of microbial growth for 90 days. If fuel gets dirty again for any reason within 90 days of the initial cleaning, we will clean it again at no charge. Additionally, if independent laboratory analysis was requested, we guarantee your fuel will receive a Pass rating. If your fuel fails, we will clean it again and retest the fuel at no charge.