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Generator Service Plans

Service plans available for all major brands of industrial generators.

Taylor Power offers preventive maintenance service plans, provided by Taylor Sudden Service, for all major brands of industrial standby generators. We can provide a custom service plan for all of your generator makes and models in accordance with the appropriate service manual specification. We check the 40+ most critical points that effect the reliability of a generator system.

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Our 40+ Point Preventive Maintenance Plan

Air System:

  • Clean / Replace Air Cleaner Element
  • Check Complete Air System For Deficiencies
  • Clean / Change Oil In Bath Filter
  • Check Turbocharger Shaft End Play
  • Check / Tighten Turbocharger Mounting Bolts

Lubricating System:

  • Change Engine Oil & Oil Filter
  • Change Hydraulic Governor Oil
  • Clean / Replace Crankcase Breather
  • Check Complete Engine For Oil Leaks
  • Check PVC Valve

Cooling System:

  • Inspect / Replace All Belts & Hoses
  • Check / Fill Coolant Level
  • Test Specific Gravity Of Anti-Freeze
  • Change Corrosion Resistor Element (Full PM Only)
  • Check Complete System For Coolant Leaks
  • Check Block Heater & Thermostat
  • Lube Fan Hub

Fuel System:

  • Inspect Day Tank & Fuel Inside Tank
  • Check / Replace Fuel Filter(s)
  • Check Operation Of Governor
  • Clean Fuel Pump Screen
  • Check Fuel Lines For Leaks

Electrical System:

  • Check / Clean & Tighten All Electrical Connections
  • Check Electrolyte Level Of Batteries
  • Check Operation Of All Sending Units
  • Inspect / Replace Points, Condenser & Plugs (Full PM Only)
  • Inspect Ignition System
  • Check / Set Timing (Full PM Only)
  • Check Operation Of Battery Charger; Replace Blown Fuses

Controls / Test / Transfer Switch:

  • Check Oil, Start, Warm-Up, Oil Pressure
  • Check Amps & Volts Per Leg
  • Check Frequency
  • Adjust Frequency & Voltage As Required
  • Check Exhaust System For Leaks
  • Check Timing Sequence On Cranking Cycles
  • Check Operation Of Transfer Switch
  • Check Engine / Generator Controls Settings
  • Start Engine From Test Position
  • Start Engine From Automatic Position
  • Check All Alarm Systems
  • Inspect / Replace Pilot Lights