Natural Gas (NG) Engine Parts

Natural Gas (NG) Engine Parts

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Taylor Power stocks a full line of OEM gas engine parts for PSI, Doosan and GM natural gas products. This includes 3.0L, 5.7L, 8.1L, 8.8L, 11.0L, 14.0L, 18.0L and 22.0L engines. We specialize in gas engine parts for the oilfield market and know the importance of keeping units at the wellhead running.

Contact us to check our huge inventory of gas engine parts. We stock overhaul kits, cylinder heads, turbos, catalysts, throttle bodies, water pumps and other replacement and wear parts. Taylor Power does not stop with only maintenance items. Our extensive inventory includes parts to keep your units running and producing.


We offer customized PM Kits for different hour intervals or for customer specific requirements. Let us package the maintenance parts that you need into one kit under one part number.

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Model kW Rating Engine Model Alternator Model
TG30P 20 GM 3.0L Marathon 283CSL1507
TG40P 35 GM 4.3L Marathon 361PSL1601
TG60P 50 GM 5.7L Marathon 362PSL1604
Stamford UCI224G311
TGR100 80 PSI 8.8L Marathon 363PSL1607
TGR150 125 Doosan 8.1L CAC Stamford UCI274F311
TGR200 176 Doosan 111TIC Marathon 432PSL6210
TGR250 235 Doosan 14.6L Marathon 432PSL6212
TGR400 360 Doosan 21.9L Marathon 433PSL6220